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We are here to help you on your yoga journey, where you can experience the endless benefits that yoga offers the body and the mind.

At Kindred Warrior the focus is not on how you look, it’s about how you feel. We want you to come because you enjoy it, because you want to be pain-free, strong, confident and capable.

Our classes include Yin, Calm Flow, Vitalising Flow, Meditation and more. We provide everything you need so you can travel light – free herbal tea, props and mats – just bring yourself.

Our team of experienced, caring, and dedicated instructors encourage you to take an individual approach to your yoga practice.


Zoe – Founder of Kindred Warrior

Kindred Warrior was born from a desire to bring wellness and a sense of belonging to the community. Responding to a gap in the market, Zoe launched Kindred Warrior in September 2019.

Her vision is to create a space for kindred souls to come together and experience the benefits of yoga.

Zoe is devoted to assisting students to explore and develop their practice. She brings a calming presence to her teaching, presenting ways to expand beyond our perceived limitations. She is well versed at helping students who are initially grappling with a pose by offering them a variety of options, whether it be alignment focussed cues, props or a modification. Zoe encourages students to remain non-judgemental to their experience, accepting it for what it is.

Zoe has an immense appreciation for the breath, and for building our capacity to put a pause before our reactions. She incorporates pranayama into her classes, aiding students to bring mind and body together through the focus on breath.



Estelle teaches from a place of love and compassion. She sees the practice of yoga as a therapy for the mind and soul and considers herself very fortunate to share her yoga experiences with others.

She enjoys supporting students along their respective journeys and believes a yoga practice helps us understand the connection\ disconnection between mind and body.

Her Vinyasa style classes encourage students to dive into the self-transformation that yoga provides. With unique and fluid sequencing she encourages you to switch off your auto-pilot and practice in a more mindful and present way.

Estelle first discovered the power of yoga whilst studying at Uni in 2002. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, she got to know many yoga styles and was always eager to learn more about the practice.

 In 2016, Estelle moved to Melbourne attending as many classes and workshops as she could find. It was in an anatomy based workshop where Estelle experienced a sense of home and community that inspired her to follow the path of teaching yoga.

Marjon yoga teacher


Yoga has been a guiding light in Marjon's life for the past decade. It's shaped big life decisions such as moving from the US, traveling abroad, and migrating to Melbourne in 2015. She has participated in foundational and advanced teacher training courses in Asia & Australia -- all of which have cultivated her deep desire and passion to study, practice, and teach Yoga today. She continues to pursue further Yoga studies to stay inspired, grounded, and informed as a Yoga instructor.

Marjon loves spending time in nature -- living in the Dandenong Ranges with her partner Sam and their puppy Naga. In her free time, she loves reading, cooking, traveling, gardening, and being inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature. Her family all remain overseas, but Marjon keeps in touch and looks forward to hosting them here for a holiday one day soon!



My yoga journey started about 4 and a half years ago just after my youngest daughter was born. It began as a form of "me time" I had always been curious and I feel I started at the perfect time in my life, a few months later & I had found connection with more then just my asana. Fast forward a few years and I had this love and passion for Yoga I just felt I wanted to share with everyone. I completed my 200h with Yoga213 in 2018, followed by yin and meditation in 2019.
Megs teaching style is Organic & Soulful.

Megs always starts her classes with time to turn inward, arriving into your practice and allowing you time to find a little space & stillness before moving into a grounding beginning.

Megs flows are creative, mindful & fun. You may have heard a playlist alongside with your flow. She believe's in the power of connection between music and asana, allowing us to be fully present in the moment, as sometimes it can be a little hard to be present on your mat, so being able to be brought back by a familiar tune, lyrics or beat is magic. For Megs, Yoga is home. She invites you to class, as you are, to connect back into yourself, have a little fun - loosen the grips and find peace within.


I believe that practicing yoga is so important for maintaining good mental and physical wellbeing.

I have been on my yoga journey for the past 11 years and I’ve been teaching for the past four years, I am grateful be able share my passion for yoga with others.

I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training in 2017 at Santosha Yoga Institute on the small island of Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia; this course allowed my to take the next step in my yoga journey and begin teaching. I am currently completing my Masters of Physiotherapy after previously completing my Bachelor of Exercise Science at La Trobe University. In my studies I enjoy continuing to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body and integrate this knowledge into my yoga teaching.

I enjoy teaching Vinyasa and vitalising flow where we focus on creating more energy within the body through a sequence of poses, whilst improving both strength and flexibility. My classes encourage you find more internal focus and listen to what your body needs, fostering mindfulness and deeper self connection. I hope to practice yoga everyday to keep my body, mind and soul healthy and happy.


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