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We are here to help you on your yoga journey, where you can experience the endless benefits that yoga offers the body and the mind.

At Kindred Warrior the focus is not on how you look, it’s about how you feel. We want you to come because you enjoy it, because you want to be pain-free, strong, confident and capable.

Our classes include Yin, Calm Flow, Vitalising Flow, Meditation and more. We provide everything you need so you can travel light – free herbal tea, props and mats – just bring yourself.

Our team of experienced, caring, and dedicated instructors encourage you to take an individual approach to your yoga practice.

Estelle (Stel) - Owner of Kindred Warrior

Stel teaches from a place of love and compassion. She sees the practice of yoga as a therapy for the mind and soul and considers herself very fortunate to share her yoga experiences with others.

Stel is a Yoga teacher, wellness coach and certified energy healer. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer and podcaster specialising in spiritual, emotional, and holistic healing. Through her extensive training in energy healing modalities, EFT tapping and cognitive behavioural therapy, she can effectively help people to heal themselves, remove negative energy from their bodies, improve their self-confidence and better manage stress. With over four years of experience practicing energy healing, Stel also has a background as a Pranic healer, and 350 hours of yoga training in Hatha, Restorative, and Breathwork. She believes that complete healing is possible with the right mindset, openness, and ability to ask for help.

She enjoys supporting students along their respective journeys and believes a yoga practice helps us understand the connection\ disconnection between mind and body.

Her Vinyasa style classes encourage students to dive into the self-transformation that yoga provides. With unique and fluid sequencing she encourages you to switch off your auto-pilot and practice in a more mindful and present way.

Stel first discovered the power of yoga whilst studying at Uni in 2002. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, she got to know many yoga styles and was always eager to learn more about the practice.

 In 2016, Estelle moved to Melbourne attending as many classes and workshops as she could find. It was in an anatomy-based workshop where Estelle experienced a sense of home and community that inspired her to follow the path of teaching yoga.



I started practising yoga 8 years ago to complement my Meditation practice, and have found that Yoga has not only deepened my Meditation practice but also improved my wellbeing and overall health. I’m passionate about the mental and physical benefits of Yoga, and how it can help us to connect with ourselves and others in a more meaningful way. I like to teach classes with an emphasis on present moment awareness and calming the mind. Apart from Yoga and Meditation, I like to play music, I mainly play guitar and bass guitar. I also love hiking out in nature, which I find to be very calming and grounding.


May is a French yoga teacher who started teaching in 2019 after her first certification in Ashtanga vinyasa.

She began her journey in yoga with meditation, which she used as a healing tool she then discovered the power of this practice and decided to dig more and learn about the philosophy and knowledge behind this.

She started teaching yoga in Berlin where she lived and as her nomadic soul was asking she kept moving and teaching on her way.

After years of teaching practicing and learning, May teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Ying Yang, and Hatha and has a special affection for Yoga Nidra. She continues learning and training, traveling and spreading what she finds helpful and beautiful around the word.



Layla is a Yoga Teacher with over 500hr of training, a Trauma-Informed & Integrative Somatic Practitioner, a Non-Dual Śaiva Tantra student and a lover of all forms of artistic expression.

With a strong focus on nervous system health and freedom for mind, body and spirit, Layla offers an intentional and inclusive practice. Her love for somatics and her background in dance are weaved into her flowy Vinyasa style.

Her multifaceted perspective of the world is translated into her creative practice and she believes our interconnectedness is who we fundamentally are.


Yoga has been a guiding light in Marjon's life for the past decade. It's shaped big life decisions such as moving from the US, traveling abroad, and migrating to Melbourne in 2015. She has participated in foundational and advanced teacher training courses in Asia & Australia -- all of which have cultivated her deep desire and passion to study, practice, and teach Yoga today. She continues to pursue further Yoga studies to stay inspired, grounded, and informed as a Yoga instructor.

Marjon loves spending time in nature -- living in the Dandenong Ranges with her partner Sam and their puppy Naga. In her free time, she loves reading, cooking, traveling, gardening, and being inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature. Her family all remain overseas, but Marjon keeps in touch and looks forward to hosting them here for a holiday one day soon!


Marjon yoga teacher

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