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Winter Yoga Tips

Winter Yoga Tips for Staying Grounded and Balanced During the Cold Months Winter is often associated with cozy blankets, hot drinks, and shorter days. However, it’s also a season where maintaining an active lifestyle can be challenging. Yoga, with its myriad benefits for the mind and body, offers an excellent way to stay active and…

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Taming Fire Yoga Workshop

Taming Fire Yoga Workshop: A Yang to Yin Practice with May Viney A Yang to Yin yoga workshop  including breathwork, kriya, and meditation  Join us for a transformative workshop designed to balance the fiery energy within through a harmonious blend of Yang and Yin practices. In “Taming Fire,” you’ll experience the invigorating power of breathwork,…

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Kindred Warrior EOFY Sale Are you ready to refresh your body, mind, and spirit? Check out our Yoga EOFY Sale right away! Whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand-new to the discipline, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about various yoga practises, sharpen your practise, and achieve inner harmony. From discounted class packages…

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International Yoga Day Workshop | 21 June 6:00 PM Celebrate the transformative power of yoga on International Yoga Day with our special workshop designed to nurture your body, mind, and soul. This event not only honors the ancient practice of yoga but also commemorates its global impact on holistic well-being. We will also celebrate Winter…

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Calming minds Breath and meditation workshop Lilydale

Calming Minds- Breath and meditation workshop | 25 May 2024 In honour of world meditation day please join us for a calming breath and meditation immersion!!   A 2-hour workshop to help you nurture yourself mindfully, get the chance to pause, take a breath and clear your mind with the help of calming breathing techniques…

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Kids Yoga Workshop

Calm Kids Yoga Workshop Empowering Our Little Ones through Kids Yoga and Meditation In today’s fast-paced world, where the demands on our children’s attention and energy can be overwhelming, nurturing their well-being and emotional development is of paramount importance. Kids, too, experience stress, anxiety, and the ups and downs of daily life. This is where…

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