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Sound Healing with Katie Underwood

Get you tickets here: Sounds to soothe the Warrior within. I first experienced one of Katie’s sound healings back in 2017.  To lie down and be guided into a deep state of rest and relaxtion was such a treat. The feeling of the different sounds and vibrations was  profoundly moving on many levels and…

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Recently our Vitalising classes have been designed to build heat in the body, with a focus on the core muscles and twists to stoke our internal fire. Included in the practice has been a pranayama called Surya (Sun) Bhedana or right nostril breathing. In this pranayama practice, we breathe in through the right nostril and…

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra means ‘yogic sleep’ and is designed to bring an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity.  Yoga Nidra is all about deep rest and nourishment. Allowing yourself to let go of stress, fatigue and exhaustion. Watch out for our next Yoga Nidra workshop where you will be introduced to the benefits of yoga nidra and…

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R U OK ?

Today is RUOK? Day. The aim is to inspire and empower everyone to connect with others on a meaningful basis – to support anyone who may be struggling with life. We don’t always carry the confidence to meaningfully connect and ask about life’s ups and downs… so today acts a reminder to practice asking ‘r…

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Women’s Health Week

This week is all about shining a light on women’s health and encouraging women to put themselves first for a week & think about their health and wellbeing. This year 15,000 women across Australia were surveyed (the report is available at and 46.1% have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety. 66.9% if women reported…

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New beginnings

Spring is the beginning of the season cycle, a time of birth and new beginnings. Of the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) Spring is the energy of Wood. This is the energy that brings forth new growth, which pushes the new branches out from old wood as it produces new leaves. It…

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